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Pop princess Christina Aguilera shows off her amazing pair of tits

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

It’s so hard to get topless photos of your favorite celebrity nowadays. But not here, as I present to you Christina Aguilera’s great pair of tits! That’s right. Topless pictures of this sultry singing sensation have never been this easy to get. Christina shows off her tits in these smoking hot photos that just makes you want to grab and squeeze them! No doubt those jugs would feel great as you caress them lovingly.

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Some Christina Aguilera upskirts and braless pictures to make your day brighter

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

The pop sensation has had her share of paparazzi pictures that circulated the web for some time now. As is normal with these kinds of pictures, she’s caught in some candid shots that show her crotch or her nipples in public. Most of the time, celebrities are dressed to impress and it’s not different with Christina Aguilera. It’s just practical to show off what you’ve got in this industry because that what rakes the money in. In these candid photos, the popular pop diva is featured in some upskirt and see-through pictures that will surely make you want to see more of her. In one pic, she’s not wearing any underwear; she’s only wearing her panty hose and you can just see the outline of her fat cameltoe. In the other photos, her impressive breasts and nipples are outlined clearly. She’s not wearing a bra in both pictures and you can even see her nipple piercing in one of them. Kinky public image Christina!

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Feast your eyes on Christina Aguilera – totally naked and stunning

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Check out these smoking hot pictures of Christina Aguilera. Get your imagination into gear as you look at these naked photos of your favorite singer. The pop princess looks stunning without her clothes on. Only the dumbest person won’t agree with me on that. Years of dancing has toned her body and turned her into this gorgeous diva you’re looking at right now. She’s tried it all in her career – going for the teen idol look, and then the skanky, sexy image she did upon the release of her second album “Stripped”, and then the mature but still hot look she presently sports. In all her different styles, Christina’s managed to look good and really sexy in her own way. This is proof that this Latina’s exotic looks mix well with her considerable singing talent. Because of that, fans all over the world adore her and she’s always made the sexiest and most desirable women in the world lists of various magazines and polls.

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Christina’s blooming preggy look featured in Marie Claire

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Pop sensation Christina Aguilera has posed nude for Marie Claire during her pregnancy. The beautiful photos were done tastefully even though Christina was totally nude except for a pair of sexy high heels. She’s wearing a denim jacket on the cover of the magazine to hide what can’t be blatantly shown but inside, she’s stark naked and absolutely yummy. Here are some of the photos from that issue and we present them to you for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to check them out and click the pictures for more Christina Aguilera Naked pictures and videos!